Staging of the Glittering Proletariat, Bertram House



The Spring Queen pageant is one of the longest and largest running fashion pageants in history. It is a unique event in which female factory workers from the textile and clothing industry in the Western Cape take to the ramp and model to showcase not only beauty, but also personality and style.

The pageant began in the late 70’s and shows no signs of cessation. It remains a highlight on the Cape Town social calendar with up to 10 000 excited and jubilant supporters attending the final event hosted by the Southern African Clothing and Textile Worker’s Union (SACTWU) at the Good Hope Center in Cape Town.

This exhibition has engaged with various collections of the Spring Queen pageant from the private to the public and aims to imagine a possible future achive. This will be a space for connectivity, creativity, storytelling and the re-imagining of history.

From: July 13, 2012     To: August 24, 2012